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Hear dvsn’s Spirited Remix Of Frank Ocean’s “Godspeed”

Hear dvsn’s Spirited Remix Of Frank Ocean’s “Godspeed”

Frank Ocean Says 'Boys Don't Cry' Will Release In July 2016

Frank Ocean Says 'Boys Don't Cry' Will Release In July 2016

Over the last year, dvsn has risen from anonymity to claim their spot in r&b’s new guard. The duo, consisting of singer Daniel Daley and OVO hitmaker Nineteen85, first landed on radars with remixes that mashed the brilliance of Marvin Gaye and Aaliyah with some very purple anthems.

Now coasting on a nationwide tour and enjoying the fruits of a very good debut album, dvsn doesn’t have much left to prove, but that hasn’t stopped them, not for a moment. This past weekend Nineteen85 joined Majid Jordan as the guests on episode 30 of OVO Radio, which, of course, arrived with all sorts of exclusive ear worms, including a slightly-reworked take on Frank Ocean’s Blonde benediction, “Godspeed,” fitting an organ-and-voice-only cut with rattling trap accents and even more layers of churchly choirs, keys and feels.

Seeing as how there’s a very good chance that we’ll be waiting another four years for new Franko to arrive, this should keep Blonde juice going for at least a little while longer. Hear dvsn’s remix of Frank Ocean’s “Godspeed” down below and hold tight for more from both camps in the weeks and months ahead.

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