dvsn Paints Aaliyah Purple w/ Their “One In A Million” Remix

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dvsn's Remix Of "One In A Million" Blends Aaliyah & Prince

dvsn's Remix Of "One In A Million" Blends Aaliyah & Prince
Artwork via Michael T Designs

This weekend was a mess with Easter celebrations, parades and parties, but while you were all out chasing rabbits and eggs, dvsn were out here dropping gems during their OVO Radio takeover. The program provided the (only recently) unmasked duo with a venue to preview new tracks from their long-awaited debut album SEPT 5th (more on that in just a bit) and share an unexpectedly fitting remix of Aaliyah‘s “One In A Million,” blending the slick, mid-90s classic with Prince‘s iconic, “Purple Rain.”

And what a masterful, borderline eery, treatment it is, with Prince’s six-string strum painted against, Baby Girl’s all-too-cool croon and Timbo’s drums, all of which work like it was all meant to be. dvsn vocalist, Daniel Daley, even left his mark on the track, squeezing in a few swoons and swells next to the revered alto of Aaliyah. dvsn’s debut album is out now via OVO/Warner Bros. Records, but here’s a little warm-up for those still getting acquainted. Stream dvsn’s all-purple-everything remix of Aaliyah’ “One In A Million” below and hold tight for their next transmission.

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