Lauryn Hill’s ‘Live At The Brooklyn Bowl’ Film Goes On Demand, Watch Her Perform “Ready Or Not”

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Lauryn Hill's 'Live At The Brooklyn Bowl' Goes On Demand, Watch Her Perform "Ready Or Not"

Lauryn Hill's 'Live At The Brooklyn Bowl' Goes On Demand, Watch Her Perform "Ready Or Not"

I remember back in July when little birdie came to me and said that none other than Lauryn Hill would be gracing the lane-side stage at Brooklyn Bowl. Moments later, my heart fell through my stomach when I realized her show sold out quicker than I could think to bust out my wallet and cop a ticket and I’m guessing the story for doesn’t differ all that much for the rest of you. Luckily for us all, Miss Hill has shared a clip from that mythical evening, blazing though a high-octane rendition of The Fugees‘ “Ready Or Not” for an audience that never saw it coming.

While legal battles have forbade the legendary Soulquarian from performing her solo material, the of The Golden Era trio’s is still very much on the table. And we couldn’t be happier. There’s certainly a case to be made about whether she’s still a little rusty, but Hill crooned through the classic in pro form, granting us a rare glimpse at an immense talent and dormant voice that’s all too necessary to the contemporary soul music sphere and the dynamic between artistry and activism.

The entirety of her Brooklyn Bowl set is streaming via On Demand and Pay Per View, so be sure to check your cable providers for prices and stay tuned as we find out if there’s a plan in store for the rest of us who don’t do the whole cable thing (which, ironically enough, seems to be the case for most Brooklyn residents.) Watch Lauryn Hill dazzle on stage as she performs “Ready Or Not” live at Brooklyn Bowl below.

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