KING Performs "Hey" Live On OKP TV

Okay Acoustic: KING Performs "Hey" Live At The Cutting Room Studios For OKP TV

by karaslamb
October 01, 2014 9:00 AM

KING Stops By The Cutting Room Studios In NYC To Perform An Acoustic Version Of The Single "Hey" For OKP TV.

Cali trio and First Look Friday alums KING stopped by The Cutting Room Recording Studios in NYC to perform an acoustic version of The Story EP standout “Hey” in the latest edition of Okay Acoustic from OKP TV. The exclusive clip follows the group’s recent record store takeover in NOLA where they served up a stunning performance of “Supernatural” for NPR Music. Three years after the debut of their seminal project – a mesmerizingly delicious 3-track wonder that nearly broke the internet and garnered the attention of Prince and Erykah Badu – KING’s buzz has yet to wane. Paris Strother, Amber Strother and Anita Bias boast a ravenous and fiercely loyal fan base that relishes every delicate note, drops their regal mononym amongst the names of legends and sops up every inch of the characteristically lush harmonies they have stuffed into the handful of tracks bearing their name. As fans anxious for the impending project clamor for more, the group’s live performances have been worth their weight in gold. KING’s carefully crafted harmonies take center stage yet again in this session for Okay Acoustic and their tender treatment of the ethereal lullaby from The Story proves exactly why they wear the crown. Check the footage below to watch KING’s performance. Purchase The Story EP via iTunes. Stay tuned for more from KING and OKP TV.

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