Killer Mike x El-P - 36" Chain Video + Black Noise x UMO remix

Run The Jewels - "36" Chain" + Black Noise x Killer Mike UMO remix

Killer Mike x El-P = Run The Jewels - 36" Chain video still

Killer Mike x El-P team up like the ghetto revolutionary version of Crockett & Tubbs, (Nolte & Murphy? Perhaps you would prefer Gibson & Glover?) on a twisted buddy movie/gratuitously violent action flick for this brand new Run The Jewels¬†video for “36” Chain”–the dookiest gold track on their collaborative LP/early in the game album of the year contender of the same name (Run The Jewels). El-P’s sociopathic squirrel puppet Mr. Killums is the 3rd wheel on this tuk-tuk and his kidnapping provides the video with its premise. Look out for the surprise twist at the end and enjoy a Killer Mike DVD-extraz to your evening’s rental in the form of this remix of Unknown Mortal Orchestra‘s track “So Good At Being In Trouble” from Detroit producers¬†Black Noise, which features original verses from Killer Mike and Mr. MFN eXquire putting in super extra duty tuff work. Watch the “36” Chain” official video below, scroll down to stream the remix–and remember to be kind and rewind that riddim-aya!

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