Jay-Z Drops Magna Carta Holy Grail Cover Art

Jay-Z Drops Magna Carta Holy Grail Cover Art


Jay-Z drops the album cover art for his forthcoming LP Magna Carta Holy Grail less than one day before the exclusive July 4th release date delivers the highly anticipated project to owners of Samsung Mobile devices. The artwork was unveiled at the Salisbury Cathedral in the UK; the church is home to one of the four surviving Magna Carta texts and what is considered to be the best preserved copy of the medieval charter. The album cover art will remain on display at the Salisbury Cathedral Chapter House until the end of July. Jay-Z’s exclusive release of Magna Carta Holy Grail LP drops one minute past midnight on Thursday, July 4th. The project will be available globally on July 9th. Check the artwork above. Check a few photographs of the exhibit below. View the entire collection at Life + Times.




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