Jay Shells Brings "Rap Quotes" To ATL

Street Artist Jay Shells Brings His "Rap Quotes" Project To The ATL

A few years back, NYC-based artist Jay Shells began his “Rap Quotes” installations; a massive undertaking using lyrics as a map, pinpointing the exact intersections that legends like Big L, Mos Def, Big Daddy Kane and god knows how many others have dropped. Since then, he’s lit up Los Angeles and Philadelphia with his now iconic red signs marking hip-hop’s own geography in a way that’s never quite been done before. On the latest leg of his journey through the canon’s many epicenters, he hit the ever vibrant streets of Atlanta to mark up posts and corners in one of hip-hop’s most important districts.

The gallery above highlights some of our favorites from his trip down to the land of Stankonia, which lays under the ATLien moon in all its purply glory. Shells hits the corner of Headland and Delowe for Andre 3000, Tri-Cities High School and even stops by the Georgia Dome for Ludacris. But that’s hardly the whole map, which is currently living over Animal New York, so be sure to peep the collection by hitting the link below. Take to the comment section below to offer up some suggestions as to where Jay Shells should make his next stop. (Chicago, Bay Area, Miami, Cleveland?)

>>>View Jay Shells’ ATL Rap Quotes Installation (via AnimalNewYork)

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