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Ice Cube

Watch Ice Cube Tell the Story About Why N.W.A. Went to IHOP Instead of Their First Listening Party

Ice Cube stopped by “The Late Late Show With James Corden" Monday night and recollected on N.W.A. being shut out of their first album listening.

When Cordon asked the legendary Everythangs Corrupt rapper about and old story about the album event for the group’s debut album,1988’s Straight Outta Compton, Cube responded,  “It’s true. We couldn’t get into our own listening party.”

He explained to Cordon and actor Sean Hayes.“They had it at this boujee club. We couldn’t get in. We were late because of Eazy. He always made us late. We show up — it’s a pretty swanky, gotta have your Easter shoes on and stuff like that — we come in khakis and Chucks and they like, ‘What the hell?’ We ain’t famous then, so nobody really know who we are.”

Cube continued, saying, “Security was like, ‘You gangbangers ain’t coming in.’ Like, ‘This is our album.’ So, we fought with this dude. The owner of the label came out, trying to convince security to let us in. They like, ‘Nope, we’ve seen this before.’ So we ended up going to IHOP and fussing about it, complaining. Yeah, it was terrible.”

During the interview, Cube also spoke on seeing the 1998 Family Values Tour with Korn, Limp Bizkit, Orgy and Rammstein.

“It’s a rock tour with Korn and Limp Bizkit and a group called Rammstein,” he says. “They would set themselves on fire like on stage. They’d put gel on them and like, ‘flame on.’ I couldn’t imagine if we tried to say, ‘Yo we on a rap tour, Flav want to put himself on fire.’ Promoters would be like, ‘Hell no.’... It was just a trip just seeing how rock bands just take it to the 10th power. If you on fire, I’m pretty sure you can play pretty good or fast, at least. It was amazing just to see a dude on fire sitting in the middle of an arena. It was just crazy.”

Watch the interview clip above.