Geraldo Rivera Slanders Kendrick Lamar + Hip-Hop With Weak Response

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Geraldo Rivera Responds To Kendrick Lamar, Blasting Hip-Hop In The Process

Geraldo Rivera Responds To Kendrick Lamar, Blasting Hip-Hop In The Process

On “YAH.,” a track off of Kendrick Lamar‘s new album DAMN., the Compton rapper takes aim at Fox News and one of their most famous commentators Geraldo Rivera:

“Fox News wanna use my name for percentage… Somebody tell Geraldo this n*gga got some ambition.”

This lyric came because Rivera was one of the conservatives who criticized Kendrick Lamar’s epic “Alright” performance at the 2015 BET Awards.

Rivera isn’t letting this slide. During his podcast, Rivera responded to Kendrick’s lyrics. Rivera is complimentary of Kendrick, saying:

“Aside from Drake, in my opinion, [Lamar is] probably the best hip-hop artist out there today.”

However, he was not a fan of K.Dot’s brilliant “Alright” performance, calling it “irresponsible.”

From there he went on to address what his real problem was: hip-hop. He started saying silly things like “hip-hop has done more damage to African Americans than racism in recent years.” He also said:

“It’s the worst example. It’s the most negative possible message.”

Anyone who has followed Rivera even a little bit shouldn’t be surprised by this. He’s been blasting hip-hop for years. In 2013, he was furious that A$AP Rocky was written about in The New York Times. Last year, in an interview with The Huffington Post, he called hip-hop “very destructive culturally.”

So we shouldn’t be shocked these are his views. If you want to see the entire clip scroll down below.


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