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Georgia Anne Muldrow Gets Gritty & Funkified In Her New Video For “Arkansas”

Georgia Anne Muldrow Gets Gritty & Funkified In Her New Video For “Arkansas”

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Don’t be mislead by the black & white color scheme–Georgia Anne Muldrow‘s new video for “Arkansas” is very vibrant indeed. It’s saturated, even, with funky confidence and powerful bite. In every single shot, the California-born renaissance woman spits bar after bar of fire, confirming once more that she’s not just a formidable talent–she’s in every way a force to be reckoned with. This is ’70s swagger mixed with ’90s-ready production, all awash in the timeless verve of a woman who refuses to stay seated, politely waiting on her turn.

“Arkansas” draws as much power from Muldrow’s relentless raps (be sure to catch the key lines “I remember crusin’ down to Arkansas / Hearing stories that explain exactly why I spar this hard / Black militia rapper a full-time job”) as it does from the throwback production work of Chris Keys, who produced many of the tracks on the lady MC’s latest LP, A Thoughtiverse Unmarred. With collaboration credits that include Mos Def, Bilal and Robert Glasper, Muldrow has been at the forefront of the jazz-hip-hop-funk explosion for quite some time now, but “Arkansas” is, if anything, a deafening declaration that she doesn’t need any damn assistance. Pick up a copy of A Thoughtiverse Unmarred on iTunes if you haven’t already done so, and watch Georgia Anne Muldrow’s blistering clip for “Arkansas” below.

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