Gary Clark, Jr. Answers “The Questions” For Okayplayer TV

Eddie "STATS" Imported from Detroit.
Gary Clark, Jr. answers The Questions for OKP TV (video interview)

Gary Clark, Jr. answers The Questions for OKP TV (video interview)

Young blues god and longtime Okayplayer favorite Gary Clark, Jr. comes in for questioning in our latest episode of Okayplayer TV. “The Questions” we had for Clark, Jr. were many and the topics weighty, from the sartorial–(neck ties and busted Chuck Taylors, if you were wondering) to the sonic (analog, duh). We were not about to let him off easy, refusing to turn off the blinding video light until he had justified his embarrassing childhood crush on Diana Ross and rate his Moonwalking skills on a scale of 1 to 10 (25). And as with any properly-conducted interrogation, by the time the camera was turned off, the interviewee knew he done fucked up now. Seriously, we knew GCJ–who collaborated with Nas on a version of his “Bright Lights” for the NFL anthem a year or two back–was a not-so-secret hip-hop fan. But when we forced him to pick between Biggie and Tupac, the expression on the young bluesman’s face legitimately looked like my 5-year old’s when I’m about to remove a band-aid from his chin. To find out which rapper he chose as his spirit guide you have to press play below and hear all of Gary Clark Jr’s insightful and amusing answers to…”The Questions”:

Videographer: Sama’an Ashrawi
Editors: Imani Lindsey and Sama’an Ashrawi

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