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Review: Donald Glover Impressively Delivers New Vibes With FX's 'Atlanta'
Review: Donald Glover Impressively Delivers New Vibes With FX's 'Atlanta'
Source: FX

Watch Episode 1 Of Donald Glover's New Show 'Atlanta'

Review: Donald Glover Impressively Delivers New Vibes With FX's 'Atlanta'

Last night Donald Glover's highly anticipated TV series Atlanta made its premiere, and so far so good. As our own Kevin Clark wrote about the first two episodes:

"At the end of previewing Atlanta it is apparent that the half-hour FX program is still figuring out what it's going to be, but that is where all the fun and excitement lie. Forgoing a paint-by-the-numbers approach in favor of a looser exploration of black life in the A, Atlanta is as much about class as it is about race. Grounded to showcase just what frustrated black males are working with in this country, while exploring what it is they want — Atlanta is not fantasy as much as it is fodder for a grander discussion. With a talented cast, an imaginative director and some critical points to make about some salient subjects — Atlanta is an impressive new vibe that is worth your attention, support and Twitter fingers."

Well, if you don't happen to have cable and missed out on the premiere you're in luck (sort of) — FX has released the full first episode online. Chances are they probably won't do this with future episodes, but at the very least it'll help give you an idea of what's to come with Glover's already impressive Atlanta.

In other Glover related news the multi-talented 32-year-old also recently wrapped up an innovative and intimate "Pharos" concert. The performances, which took place throughout three days on a domed stage at the Institute of Metaphysics in Joshua Tree, California, wasn't like any concert in recent history. Attendees that entered "Pharos" had to seal their phones in a bag that rendered their devices inoperable, but were given multiple sets that spoke to Glover's creative ambitiousness.

Here was our takeaway from the entire event:

"But, more than that, 'Pharos' acted both as a glimpse into the future of how to hear an album, and as a watershed moment in how artists may choose to convey their music to listeners. In fact, 'Pharos' is an order of magnitude above a mere surprise release. And will force everyone to rise to the insanely high bar he's set with this music, concept, and experience."

With that said, check out the first episode of Atlanta below.