First Look Friday: Introducing Brooklyn's Own Jimi Tents

First Look Friday: Welcome To The World Of Jimi Tents [LP Stream + Exclusive Q&A]

Is BK still “home to the livest one”–? Jimi Tents, a sensational 19-year-old rapping storyteller from Brooklyn, is putting his stamp on the game with an eclectic style of music. Breaking onto the scene earlier this year with his hauntingly melodious true-life cut, “Elmer Fudd,” this East New York native has seen his brand of young-sage rhymes launch him into the public’s consciousness.

After graduating from high school, Jimi Tents, who was equally influenced by Kanye West, 50 Cent, Lauryn Hill and Pink Floyd, dropped out to attack music full-time. The aforementioned “Fudd” served as the debut single from Jimi Tents and featured soul singer Moxie Raia, standing out amidst the hardcore ’90s boom-bap love of Pro Era while discussing what atrocities today’s youth face involving violence. But this is no one-hit wonder; Tents easily changes course on any given track and proves that he has a sound worth dedicated listening.

Tents’ drive to build out a stellar narrative while merging a message with his music is important to note. He represents another generation that shifts from the “meme-a-minute” raps to something with some deeply rooted substance. With “Elmer Fudd” boasting major streams on Soundcloud, anticipation grew for more of what Jimi Tents had to offer. Thankfully, he was able to grace us and the game with some heat in the form of his 5 O’Clock Shadow LP.

An extended 14-track version of his 5 O’Clock Shadow EP, Jimi Tents presents a focused, jazzy and very hungry offering that showcases his ability to be ill (like on “All Of It”) and full of variety (“The Way”). Jimi Tents’ music isn’t made for the bloggers and the Johnny-Come-Lately folks. Finding a way to create a solid record and perform music as his 9-to-9, Jimi Tents is our choice for “new artist to watch.”

This truly intriguing rap newcomer is our selection for this week’s ‘First Look Friday,’ so be sure to stream his EP below and check out our exclusive Q&A with Jimi on the following pages.

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