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Michael Brown Ferguson Cover-Up Poster
Michael Brown Ferguson Cover-Up Poster

Pass The Popcorn: New Doc 'Ferguson Cover-Up' Seeks To Uncover The Truth Behind Michael Brown's Death

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In the wake of the Ferguson tragedy--the death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown and the militaristic police crackdown on those protesting in the name of justice--many still doubt that the public has been told the full story. Now, a new film hopes to close the information gap and bring the last moments of Michael Brown's life into clear view. What we see might shock us anew--and that's the point.

For over a year, director Jason Pollock has been working painstakingly on Ferguson Cover-Up, a film that plunges into the case of Michael Brown, Darren Wilson and the Ferguson Police Department. In direct challenge to the mainstream media narrative that the case is closed on Wilson's actions since Attorney General Eric Holder declined to try the case on a Federal level, Ferguson Cover-Up forces the viewer to consider the more much uncomfortable possibility--that Mike Brown's death was a broad daylight execution with no just repercussions. Then, with thorough research and in-depth interviews, shifts its focus to the family members and surrounding community who have been targeted, simply for crying "No more."

"We need to ensure that the history of what took place there is correct, and this film will be our contribution to that effort," Pollock wrote, describing his efforts. Ferguson Cover-Up works to cut through the media haze and ask, simply "Why?" Pollock goes on to describe his mission statement as such:

From the very moment that Michael's body hit the pavement that day a carefully crafted campaign of misinformation, manipulation, and outright lying has taken place by the Ferguson Police Department, the St Louis Police Department, and the St Louis Prosecutor's office.

The 24/7 right wing media have constantly perpetuated these lies, and they were so well crafted that they tricked CNN and many other outlets into falsely reporting the issue over and over again.

Sadly, because of all this distortion, the average American thinks that justice was served to Michael Brown and his family, and that Darren Wilson should be a free man. These views could not be further from the truth.

Ferguson Cover-Up has already been supported and endorsed by Brown's family, including his own father. "My son died a year ago now, and there are still many unanswered questions about his death. We applaud Mr. Pollock for taking up this case to bring some justice to my son’s name," he said.

"With the one-year anniversary of my son’s death just past, now more than ever is the time to push back on the current public narrative that has been created. Michael was a good boy and a moral person. More people need to know the truth about his death. We look forward to Mr. Pollock’s film bringing light to the beautiful person that our son was."

It's this human element--the community organizers, activists, teachers, neighbors and family members involved--that gives Ferguson Cover-Up its power and poignancy. Pollock has worked tirelessly to create a film that seeks factual truth, but not at the expense of pathos. The final product is more heart-rending than any headline, news special or tweet. The film's producers are seeking donations to help finish the project and bring it to a full theatrical release, and those able can (and should) donate to an IndieGoGo campaign. Watch the trailer for Ferguson Cover-Up below.