Emily King - "The Animals" [Official Video]

Melt Away With Emily King In The Delightfully Psychedelic Visual For "The Animals"

by zo
May 14, 2015 2:55 PM

The Video For Emily King's New Single "The Animals" Is A Psychedelic Delight

Emily King keeps coming with the goodies, folks. Beginning with her resurgent, ’60’s soul-channeling single “Distance” roughly this time last year and the golden-era r&b-ism of the follow-up “Good Friend” just a few months back, King’s return to music world has been marked with an already wide array of influence. And now today, we’re bringing you the third installment of King’s new groove, the electrically tinged, but smooth as can be, new single “The Animals” and its reverie-inducing visual accompaniment. The track, laced with layer upon layer of Miss King’s delicate, sky-high vox, is backed by a mishmash of electronic drum sounds, thin but all-so present. And it mounts, moment by moment, until finally reaching its heavenly breaking point, opening up with a wave of strings and submerged, melodic, Prince-like guitar licks to cap things off. As for the video — animated by Tomek Ducki it perfectly captures the new frontier of King’s sound, charting her travels through a shapeshifting forest that presents a new friend/foe with every step and bringing it all to life with a wildly colorful and hypnotic aesthetic for your eyes to drool over. Melt away with Emily King and the vibrant visual for “The Animal” below. And be sure to brace yourself, her forthcoming The Switch LP is slated to arrive June 26th with Black Messiah D’sciple Ben Kane behind the boards. Check back for more in the weeks to come.

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