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electric wire hustle grown kids radio mixtape
electric wire hustle grown kids radio mixtape

Mixtape Monday: New Mixtapes from Electric Wire Hustle, 45 King, desert_head x Madlib + More

electric wire hustle grown kids radio mixtape

Just as you're wrapping up going through all of last week's picks, OKP returns with a refill of mixtapes. It's such a good feeling when two things you like pair well together. Kicking off Mixtape Mondays this time around is Electric Wire Hustle live in conjunction with Grown Kids Radio. We then take it to New Jersey with Boiler Room for a set with the legendary 45 King. Riding on the classic hip-hop vibe, desert_head rounds up his favorite Madlib joints into a fire continuous mix.

electric wire hustle grown kids radio mixtape

Grown Kids Radio is a recurring motif of tough mixes in this column--and we fvx with Electric Wire Hustle so strong we're putting their new project out on Okayplayer Records! Put the two together and voila. Electric Peanut Butter Choco-hustle. Stream below:

Electric Wire Hustle - Again (LIVE)

Electric Wire Hustle - Bottom Line (LIVE)

Electric Wire Hustle - Chaser (LIVE)

Electric Wire Hustle - Perception (LIVE)

Electric Wire Hustle - Intro interlude (LIVE)

Electric Wire Hustle - Bottom Line (Flako remix)

Electric Wire Hustle - Buy Some Land Put A House On It

Electric Wire Hustle - If These Are The Last Days (Eliphino remix)

45 king boiler room

Few DJs have a style that lends itself to the Boiler Room format of lo-fi DJ TV better than Mark The 45 King. Because as much as we want to dance to the music we want to clone ourselves so a 2nd us can stand by the DJ booth and trainspot on the label of every break and rare soul 45 he throws down. One set from The 45 King is worth a month of WhoSampled research and the video format makes for obsessive NSA-style video analysis for all you advanced cratediggers and trainspotters out there--not to mention the youngsters just learning that "Impeach The President" does not refer to Bill Clinton.

electric wire hustle grown kids radio mixtape

Like many of our best mixes, this all-Madlib selection came to our attention via Okayafrica. No it's not a mix of afrobeat or zamrock but Desert_Head, the man behind the decks, just happens to be Luc Vermeer—producer, beat chef and 1/2 of South Africa’s Christian Tiger School (Okayplayers may recall their appearance at our SXSW showcase or their brilliant Player Xchange collabo with Bilal). A little more info, courtesy of OKA:

The _______MADLIB MIX is groovy enough for office work and house cleaning — or for playing at crude levels in public places if you wanna take it there. It cycles through a 37-minute mix of beatwork from Madlib and alternate egos like Quasimoto. Madlib and Freddie Gibbs just released the collaborative studio album [Cocaine] Piñata, this past March under the Madlib Invazion imprint. Vermeer and Sebastiano Zanasi, together as Christian Tiger School, released their sophomore Chrome Tapes LP this past February and played at OkayAfrica’s SXSW feature back in March.


Eothen Alapatt aka Egon isn't just one of the founding fathers of Stones Throw records--he's a master DJ and savvy crate digger in his own right. Always a global thinker, Egon's collection spans all corners of the map and covers genres you never knew existed. It's all thanks to the tireless work he's put in, getting his fingers dusty and confidently spinning singles that the rest of us wouldn't know what to do with. What's below is a new mix of inter-continental rock loaded with fuzzed out guitars, vintage drums and heavy hooks belted out in foreign tongues. It's the soundtrack to the best heist movie that 60s Hollywood never made.


Okayplayer isn't keen on making skin-color distinctions, but it's true that sometimes we all need a little reminding that there's plenty of good funk coming from the paler people. DJ Cuzzin B is well-versed in the history of white-boy grooves and keeps his regular series, Average White Mixtape, running strong with song selections that skew both caucasian and heavy-hitting. His newest volume brings it with joints from 80s kings Foreigner, new crooner Sam Smith, francophone funkateer Kavinsky and yes, even yacht rock captain/foolish believer Michael McDonald. There's some serious blue-eyed bumping to be done with this one.

1. Rare Earth/Laura Branigan - Intro/Self Control

2. Olivia Newton-John - "Magic"

3. Foreigner - "I've Been Waiting"

4. Scissor Sisters - "Inevitable"

5. Kavinsky - "Nightcall (Breakbot Remix)"

6. Chris Malinchak - "Stranger feat. Mikky Ekko"

7. Maribou State - "Truths (feat Jimi Nxir)"

8. Olivver - Attica "'71"

9. The Beach Boys - "I Do Love You feat. Stevie Wonder"

10. Michael McDonald - "Sweet Freedom"

11. Phil Collins - "Take Me Home"

12 Bernhoft - "Come Around With Me"

13. Angela McCluskey - "Real Love"

14. Made in Heights - "Mantis"

15. Jeanne Jolly - "Sweet Love (Nicolay Remix)"

16. Go West - "Call Me"

17. Pat Benatar/Pete Rock - "Love is a Battlefield (Cuzzin B edit)"

18. Peter Gabriel - "In Your Eyes"

19. Tears for Fears - "Head Over Heels"

20. Taken By Trees - "The Sweetness of Air France"

21. Lily Allen - "Insincerely Yours"

22. Elli Ingram - "All Caught Up"

23. Phil Beaudreau - "Rollolloll"

24. Sam Smith - "Safe With Me"

25. Mayer Hawthorne - "Reach Out Richard"

26. Paul Simon - "You Can Call Me Al"

27. The Police - "Don't Stand So Close to Me"

Freddie JoachimQuestionMellowOrangeMixtape1

This is as cool as it gets. Freddie Joachim and Question cover all the bases with Mellow Orange, a mix that we can only hope is the second of many immersive vinyl cooking sessions to come. You want George Benson, J Dilla, Mos Def and Donald Byrd all in one hour? How about a textbook lesson in sampling history a la "Jazz (We've Got)" and "Stakes is High"? With two turntables and a whole heap of knowledge, Freddie and Question take us on a ride through the last few decades of jazz, funk and hip-hop groove construction, keeping it all strictly wax in the process. The entire set was even captured on video, giving us a privileged look at the split-second mixer moves that make this sort of thing possible.


Kenny Burrell - "Recapitulation"

Cal Tjader - "Cubano Chant"

Gene Ammons - "Pagan Love Song"

Deodato - "September 13"

The George Benson Quartet - "The Borgia Stick"

Leroy Hutson - "Cool Out"

Mos Def - "Mathematics (Freddie Joachim Remix)"

Infamous MC - "Ex Files"

Sound Providers - "The Field"

Reflection Eternal - "2000 Seasons"

J Dilla - "Kamaal"

Dwele - "Truth"

Joe McDuphrey Experience - "Solar Waves"


Jimmy McGriff - "On Green Dolphin Street"

A Tribe Called Quest - "Jazz (We've Got)"

J88 - "The Look Of Love (Jay Dee Remix)"

Ivan Jones - "Black Whip"

John Klemmer - "Free Soul"

Medina Green - "Cross Town Beef"

Ahmad Jamal - "Swahililand"

De La Soul - "Stakes is High"

J Live - "Don't Play"

Wanda De Sah - "Berimbau"

Nonce - "Eighty Five"

Jimmy Mcgriff - "Blue Juice"

Brand New Heavies - "Sometimes"

Asheru & Blue Black - "Truly Unique"

Donald Byrd - "Think Twice"

J Dilla - "Think Twice"

lefto show 572

The boundaries between hip-hop, electro, R&B, soul and downtempo have been blurring for a while, and LeFtO erases those lines even further with his Summer 2014 mix. Comprised of mostly-new joints that have been getting love in his recent live sets, the mix is an hour-long slice of the kind of music that makes today a golden age of groove. It's dark, danceable, hazy and heavy with new singles from Fourtet, Skeptical, Common, Paul White, and Otis Brown III. Press play and keep it fresh for a month of Mondays to come.


If you prefer your mixes a bit more club-ready, West coast dreamweaver Groundislava has just the thing in store--or does he? His mix for Fader draws inspiration from both the LA house scene and the video game screens of his own living room and will lead you on a synthesized meander across a variety of tempos. Plenty of Groundislava's own tunes keep company with Sade and Aphex twin for a set that's dripping with digital love.

Groundislava – "Feel The Heat ft. Rare Times"

Groundislava – "Feel The Heat (Arnold Remix)"

David Wise – "Stickerbrush Symphony"

Groundislava – "Untitled Demo"

Sade – "By Your Side"

Benedek – "Untitled"

Aphex Twin – "I’m Self Employed"

John Legend – "All Of Me (Groundislava Cool Mix)"

ATB – "Engrossing Moments (Groundislava Cool Mix)"

Groundislava – "7 Am (El Cucu #3)"

Ryuichi Sakamoto – "El Cucu #2"

Gigi Masin – "Snake Theory"

Mauro TelefunksoulBahiaBassMix1

You thought Brazilian music was all quiet nights, quiet stars and tender Ipanema beauties? Think again. The deeply knowledgeable and excellently-named Mauro Telefunksoul has, for us, an hour-plus set of new Brazilian cuts that's one of the nastiest, no-remorse bangers in the history of #mixtapemonday. The World Cup might be over, but the Rio and Sau Paulo-bred mixes keep on coming, proof that Brazil will never quit in its quest to push the musical envelope. Fierce Portuguese rhymes battle over relentless hi-hats and a heavy dose of dancehall backbeat on this one. Until next week--bomba!

Mauro Telefunksoul ft Jimmy Luv - "Black Pow (Tributo ao llê Aiyê)"

Bemba Trio - "Melô do Vatapá· (Lucio K remix demo)"

Mauro Telefunksoul & A Massa - "Apache Nagoh (Rasteira edit)"

Mamãe Sacode aka Mauro Telefunksoul ft Viviane Tripodi - "Bloco do Prazer"

Lucio K - "Bahea"

Os Nelsons - "Calor

Loro Voodoo - "Catuaba Style"

Patife ft Cleveland Watkiss, Mariene de Castro e Cortejo Afro - "Made in Bahia"

Pata Pata - "Arrox"

Mauro Telefunksoul - "Oh Lord!! (Tributo ao Olodum)"

Pata Pata - "Karrerinhah!!"

A.MA.SSA ft Raoni - "Vai Rodar"

A.MA.SSA - "M?D???°°°RA∞A∞A∞!!"

Lord Breu - "Malê Warrior"

Lord Breu - "Nagô Squad"


Patricktor4 - "Cai Na Roda"

Som Peba - "Arrozx"

Jus Now & A.MA.SSA - "Pagodão"

Jahgun - "Preta que Balança (Lucio K riddim mix)"

Mauro Telefunksoul & Rafa Dias - "BIRDKILLA"

DJ Werson - "Pagotrapstepmusic"

Mangaio ft FéFé - "Figaprosaci"

Ministéreo Publico & Yellow P - "Samba Dub (Real rock Version)"

Calibre Batfun beat feat Kafe - "Eu te liguei"

Mauro Telefunksoul & André T ft Edbrass - "Time is tha Master (Caballo remix)"

Braunation - "A.massa"