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Dave Chappelle
Dave Chappelle
Photo Credit: Earl Gibson III for FilmMagic

Dave Chappelle's Publicist Responds to Viral Video Where He Spoke Out Against Affordable Housing

Dave Chappelle's publicist released a statement following a council meeting video he appeared in that went viral.

It’s been nearly a day since Dave Chappellespoke out about an affordable housing plan in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Per CNN, the plan was not agreed upon by the village’s council members.

The housing plan within Oberer Homes that’s ruffling feathers on Twitter was set to be single-family homes, townhomes, and duplexes. A 53-acre area dedicated to this project lies on the south edge of Miamisburg.

Chappelle who is planning to open a restaurant and a comedy club nearby declared: "I cannot believe you would make me audition for you,” he said. "You look like clowns. I am not bluffing. I will take it all of the table." He also questioned why the council would vote in approval of the housing plan “while it kicks out a $65 million-a-year company.”

On Thursday, Chappelle’s publicist, Carla Sims released the following statement (Dayton Daily News reports he was one of a few residents who shared their thoughts on the affordable housing project): "Without question, Dave Chappelle cares about Yellow Springs.”

She added:

"He's sewn into the fabric of the Village. The passion with which he delivered his comments during the Village Council meeting was just as evident as when he fought to create living-wage jobs with his famed 'Summer Camp' for residents during the height of the COVID pandemic. Neither Dave nor his neighbors are against affordable housing, however, they are against the poorly vetted, cookie-cutter, sprawl-style development deal which has little regard for the community, culture and infrastructure of the Village."

As we previously mentioned, the village council did not agree to move forward with the housing project in question.

But, back in December, the comedian reportedly said he was "adamantly opposed" to a proposal that'd bring "140 mixed-income level homes to the village."

He continued: "I've invested millions of dollars in town. If you push this thing through, what I'm investing in is no longer applicable." Chappelle also added, "I would say that Oberer can buy all of this property from me if they want to be your benefactor because I will no longer want to."
Watch the village council video featuring Dave Chappelle below.