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Dave Chappelle Is Joined By Janelle Monáe, Busta Rhymes & DJ Premier At Radio City [Recap]
Dave Chappelle Is Joined By Janelle Monáe, Busta Rhymes & DJ Premier At Radio City [Recap]

Dave Chappelle Joined By Janelle Monáe, Busta Rhymes & DJ Premier At Radio City [Recap]

Dave Chappelle Is Joined By Janelle Mon\u00e1e, Busta Rhymes & DJ Premier At Radio City [Recap]

Janelle Monáe live at Radio City Music Hall (photo by Derrel R. Todd for Billboard).

Dave Chappelle continued his 10-day term as unofficial mayor of New York last night, bringing out a musical guest-entourage comprising Janelle Monáe, Busta Rhymes and DJ Premier to the unofficial mayor's mansion at radio City Music Hall. With the line-up of legends and legends-in-the-making who were not necessarily longtime associates of the comic, the night in contrast to others felt less like a Block Party reunion and more like a glimpse of the music booker for Chappelle's Show 2014 would be programming. Because of the triple-threat line-up it also went (further) over Radio City's 11pm curfew than any of the previous nights and possibly because of the multiple set-ups and back-lines, encountered some sound issues. None of which jammed the signal of the perfect storm of music unfolding onstage. The eyewitness reaction we got sounded something like this:

After Chappelle, Primo got up and played with a 45-piece orchestra which should have been AMAZING, but he was CLEARLY having sound problems. You could barely hear the music on the records he was playing, what the MCs were saying/vocals, or what he was saying on the mic. It was a great classics set though [including orchestral versions of his crucial Nas and Gang Starr productions].

Then Busta came on and killed it. PS - BUSTA IS BIG NOW. Again. But, yeah, he fucking ripped it and was amazing and energetic "Pass The Courvoisier" and "Ante Up" and made me want to go back and watch all his old videos 18 times today. Can't wait 'til that dude makes another record because he can still rap his ass off.

Janelle got on last--she got wheeled out on stage in a straightjacket looking thing on a dolly and had a huge band with two dancers. She's an amazing performer.  She did extended versions of all new songs, plus a two-song Michael Jackson tribute medley. The show started at 8pm and Janelle was still rocking at midnight By the time, so by the time she played "Primetime" people with kids were filtering out. But she moonwalked, and it was awesome.

Best believe we are going to try and recap every dang night of this historic run, so tune in tomorrow to see what happens at tonight's show featuring Erykah Badu and maybe some more surprise guests. You never know.