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Daniel Caesar Defends Culture Vulture YesJulz & Says Black People Need to Stop Being Victims
Source: Youtube screenshot

Daniel Caesar Talks Race Relations, Calls Black People "Too Sensitive"


Daniel Caesar went on Instagram Live last night (Tuesday) to share some social commentary on race relations.

In an attempt to defend his problematic white industry friend, who'd recently been criticized for disrespecting black women in media Scottie Beam and Karen Civil, the 23-year-old Canadian crooner asked, "why are we being so mean to white people right now?"

He continues, “White people have been mean to us in the past, yeah, but what are you going to do about it? Tell me what you’re going to do about that? There’s no answer, other than creating and understanding and keeping it moving. You have to bridge that gap.”

READDave Chappelle Called Daniel Caesar "Very Gay" During Awkward Instagram Live Show

Last week, Caesar and Dave Chappelle appeared on  John Mayer‘s Instagram Live show Current Mood, and the comedian called Caesar "very gay." The singer commented on the encounter in his IG Live saying he'd been too sensitive.

He went on to opine that "being a victim" "doesn't get you paid," and that white people are "the winning team" that black people should emulate instead of condemn.

"Are we winning right now in the culture? Are we on top of society? We’re not," he says. "You can’t win the game by choosing to not accept the winning team’s strategy,” he said. “You have to acknowledge the strategy and build a strategy on top of that.”

“I’ve said what I said before and y’all tried to cancel me, and I apologized like a bitch and I don’t believe in that shit,” he ranted. “I think you guys are wrong and I think I’m right. You can cancel me. I’m making music right now and you guys don’t have to listen to it.”

Watch the clip above and check out what Twitter had to say in response below.