Dave Chappelle Called Daniel Caesar “Very Gay” During Awkward Instagram Live Show

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Dave Chappelle On Bill Cosby: "It's Tough To See Your Heroes Fall, Let Alone Be A Villain"
Source: PBS / YouTube
Dave Chappelle On Bill Cosby: "It's Tough To See Your Heroes Fall, Let Alone Be A Villain"

Source: PBS / YouTube

John Mayer attempts to be the mediator between the two fellow entertainers, who were drunk during the show.

An awkward exchange took place between Dave Chappelle and Daniel Caesar recently. Caesar was the musical guest on John Mayer‘s Instagram Live show Current Mood, which Chappelle was present for.

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As Mayer introduces Caesar for a performance, Chappelle interjects and refers to the R&B singer as “very gay” before continuing, “Huh? Oh, I’m sorry, did I say that out loud? I’m just kidding.”

“Daniel Caesar’s a musician from Toronto that I just met tonight,” Chappelle continues before going into a joke about how he was jealous Mayer had other black friends.

As Mayer attempts to move into Caesar’s performance, the singer, who is off-camera, can be heard asking Chappelle “What the f**k was that?”

“What I said?” Chappelle responds, following that up with “Did I offend you?”

“Yeah,” Caesar replies.

From there, Mayer tries to diffuse the situation, with both Caesar and Chappelle admitting that they’re drunk (Mayer is sober). The exchange then leads into Chappelle talking about how he was playing the piano with Caesar prior to Mayer going live.

“Before this broadcast started me and this brother sat at a piano. He played expertly, beautifully, I had never met him before. And I knew for a fact that I was in the presence of not just someone that was good, but someone that was great,” Chappelle says into the camera before directing the rest of his response to Caesar. “But the fact that I offended you as a comedian…”

Caesar replies by saying that he was being “sensitive” over Chappelle’s mark.

“Correct,” Chappelle replies, as Mayer can be heard disagreeing in the background.

“I’m trying to think about this. Maybe I am being sensitive,” Caesar says.

“Daniel, I thought about it. You are,” Chappelle says back.

By the end of it, the two seem to be on good terms with Caesar putting his arm around Chappelle and telling the comedian that he’s a big fan.

Chappelle won the second Grammy of his career this year, receiving the Best Comedy Album award for his Netflix specials Equanimity and The Bird Revelation.

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