D’Angelo Salutes His Hero Prince w/ Intimate Rendition Of “Venus De Milo”

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Hear D'Angelo's Intimate Rendition Of "Venus Di Milo" In Tribute To Prince

Hear D'Angelo's Intimate Rendition Of "Venus Di Milo" In Tribute To Prince

If we can entrust Prince‘s legacy of excellence to anyone in modern-day music, it’s D’Angelo. As the son of a Pentecostal preacher who was indoctrinated in secular music by The Purple One, D has been more than forthright in his reverence for Prince and all the funk he left us with. And as the tributes and remembrances continue to pour in by way of performance and spoken word, today, we turn our lens towards the great redeemer of soul music and his own touching salute to the eternal glow of a real-life superhero, whose influence we will only now be able to scale as we look back on his prolific career.

In solidarity with an entire community of grieving musicians and music-types, D’Angelo performed an intimate, Wurlitzer-only rendition of Prince’s “Venus De Milo” (off 1986’s Under The Cherry Moon,) captured by Mervin Sealy during an impromptu studio session, oozing of gloom and mourning. It’s a short one, no doubt, but an everlasting reminder of all Prince has gifted unto this earthly plane and how he will continue to inspire forevermore. Hear D’Angelo’s take on “Venus Di Milo” below. Grab a copy of the criminally overlooked Under The Cherry Moon via Amazon today.

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