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Daley Answers “The Questions” For OKP TV!

Daley Answers “The Questions” For OKP TV!

Daley answers "The Questions" for Okayplayer TV [video interview]

Daley answers "The Questions" for Okayplayer TV

Y’all already know that rising UK soul star Daley is one of out Top 14 Artists To Watch for 2014…so when we caught up with the immaculately coiffed singer on one of his increasingly frequent stopovers in New York to record with, you now, Questlove or Pharrell or whoever, we had to hit him with “The Questions.” The unanswered ??s burning holes in our brain this time include: What music could you do just as well without? Which of your 5 senses could you NOT do just as well without? Yeezus or Jesus? Earl Grey or Peppermint? Who’s your favorite soul singer of all time? What about right now? Would you like to give Questlove a shout out? And for this cat, the million dollar question (or to keep it in UK terms the 608,028.00 pounds sterling question) is: What is your hair care regimen like? In detail, please. Turns out Daley is not just a great singer but also a pleasant person to rap with and he indulged both our silliness and our seriousness with characteristic calm and good humor. Press play on the OKP TV below to get his answers to “The Questions”:

Videographer: Allison Swank
Sound: Imani Lindsey
Editor: Imani Lindsey

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