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Common x Splash On Movies, Music & Romance

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Last week, Common sat down with the Chicago Sun-Times publication Splash to talk about his upcoming indie film LUV, which hits theaters on January 18th. The film finds Common as Uncle Vincent, an ex-con attempting to mentor his 11-year old nephew on the streets of Baltimore and has a central theme of "misguided love," according to the actor. He also takes the time to discuss his mother's strong, positive influence, his outreach program for inner-city youth  called the Common Ground Foundation, as well as his upcoming music releases. Look out for a LUV-accompanying EP soon, an April Chicago-themed mixtape, and a full album in September.  Check some of his thoughts below and hit the link at the bottom to read the full article.

Common on the upcoming film LUV:

“My character is really seeking to be on the right path,” he says. “He wants to be a father figure to his nephew, and he wants to teach him how to be a man. But he starts finding himself being dragged back into the life he wanted to leave behind"

On his mother's influence:

“My mother is the person that gave me that platform: helping discipline me, reinforcing her values and consistently staying on me to go to church, do well in school, treat people with respect. Not only was she enforcing those things with me, but she was living them, too.”

On the Common Ground Foundation:

“I know that if a child has a dream and they pursue it with their whole heart, it’ll create less of an environment for a kid to get in trouble,” he says. “When you know you want to be something, if there’s something you see that’s going to be detrimental, you stay away from that. It may be being a chef, some might want to be attorneys, some might want to be politicians, some might want to be athletes — whatever they choose we have to allow that. I think one of the most fulfilling things in life is to be able to do something you love to do.”

On finding love:

At this stage in his life, he’s looking for “a woman that’s God-loving, fun, has a strength about her but at the same token can still be soft,” he says. “And I like a woman who is honest and transparent, open and supportive. I want somebody I can be totally myself around,” he says. “That’s unconditional true love.”

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