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Read Beyonce's Full Interview of Solange
Read Beyonce's Full Interview of Solange

Listen To This Chopped & Screwed Mix Of Solange & Beyoncé's Latest Albums

Read Beyonce's Full Interview of Solange

Solange's A Seat At The Table and Beyoncé's Lemonade have received the "chopped not slopped" treatment.

The Chopstars, which is composed of OG Ron C, DJ Candlestick and DK Slim K, have created a double album honoring the two sisters (who also happen to have some strong Houston roots), titled A Seat At The Table While Sipping Purple Lemonade. 

The album totals at 36 tracks and is placed out of order, meaning some Solange tracks will blend into Beyoncé tracks, and vice-versa. Overall, it is incredible to hear certain songs such as "Cranes In The Sky" or "Formation" become lengthy, pitched down and slowed down tracks, each one almost sounding like some obscure R&B or soul track from the '70s.

According to a report from Fader, The Chopstars are also working on a number of other super remixes, including one dedicated to the Migos called PurpleCulture.

Solange recently performed in Houston as a part of the Super Bowl LIVE event. During her performance she also took the time to address Donald Trump's immigration ban.

"I just want to send some love to my people of color, my immigrants, my Mexican brothers and sisters, my Muslim brothers and sisters, and say that you belong and I love you and I stand in solidarity with you during this time," the artist said.

The "Don't Touch My Hair" singer also spoke at Yale University recently as a part of a "Blackstar Rising & The Purple Reign" conference that was held at the school. The event not only celebrated and honored iconic musicians such as Prince and David Bowie, but also allowed Solange to speak on a number of topics, including A Seat At The Table; performing; the difficulty of performing "Cranes in the Sky"; activism; and much more.

Check out A Seat At The Table While Sipping Purple Lemonade below.