Chance The Rapper Is Getting His Own Beats 1 Radio Show

Chance The Rapper Will Take The Reins Of His Very Own Beats 1 Program

Chance The Rapper Will Take The Reigns Of His Very Own Beats 1 Program

This past Sunday was full of treats for music lovers. And no, I’m not talking about BeyoncĂ© and Bruno‘s throwdown at the 50-yard-line. Earlier in the day, one Chance The Rapper graced Pharrell and Scott Vener‘s always-dope OTHERtone Radio with an appearance. Tucked into the studio with P and the HBO music man at his side, Chano sat with the OTHERtone hosts to discuss his newly-minted family life, grassroots activism in his hometown of Chicago and, of course, music (’cause at the end of the day, isn’t that why we’re all here?)

But while on the topic, his appearance was a-more-than-perfect opportunity to announce that, he, Chano of the Chi, would be taking the reigns of his very own Beats 1 Radio program, tentatively-titled, WorldWideChicago. Based on the name alone, we imagine it’ll offer Chance yet another platform to big-up his city and put even more of Chicago’s seemingly endless roster of artists on the globe. Details are still skim, but we can only assume that they’ll be rolling-out in the weeks ahead. So stay tuned for updates on the arrival of Chance The Rapper’s WorldWideChicago and check back later this week for the rerun.

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