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The Cease & Desist t-shirt from Okayplayer
The Cease & Desist t-shirt from Okayplayer

New Ish: The Cease & Desist T-shirt From Okayplayer

The Cease & Desist t-shirt from OkayplayerThe Cease & Desist t-shirt from Okayplayer

Okayplayer is proud to present the official Cease & Desist tee (available now for pre-order on the okaystore) dedicated to the spirit of art inspiring pop life inspiring art, with specials shouts to artist Barbara Kruger.

"Plagiarism is necessary," said some famous intellectual. "Progress implies it." What we wonder is: Who owns what in this world? In an age when we are only products of what we see and consume, you're only as good as your reference. There's been much 'ado' about nothing recently in the realm of copyrights and such (mostly from those who claim originality yet refuse to accept that we all learn from each other). To which we say: Cease & Desist with that shit. Recognize that some of our most iconic images are nothing more than simply white words on a red background.  Acknowledge (y)our past and its influence on (y)our present. The world is aggregation, distill it down to your own view. "What means the world to you?"

Important note: There will only one pressing of this tee. Get it while it lasts! (Orders ship no later than July 27th).

>>>Pre-order the Cease & Desist tee (via