Pass The Popcorn: Carbonerdious Documentary [Trailer]

Pass The Popcorn: 'Carbonerdious' Documentary [Trailer]


Director Tony G. Williams presents Carbonerdious – a full-length feature documentary about the phenomenon of black nerds and their increasing prominence. The word carbonerdious serves as both the title of the film and the moniker of this emerging movement. The trend has been driven by self-confessed nerds of color who wear their passions on their sleeves and exist decidedly left of center, creating an alternative image of black cool that presents a stark but encouraging contrast to what popular stereotypes and mass media have historically suggested. This movement is one that is poised to challenge the perception of black youth. The film examines the evolution of this lifestyle into the accepted subculture it is today and dissects the differences between black nerds and the prevailing stereotypes immortalized by cult films and a few choice accessories; the classic Revenge of The Nerds films defined the look, outfitting characters with impossibly thick glasses, highwater pants and scandalous amounts of social ineptitude – an image that remains at the fore of pop culture iconography. Add a little Urkel to the mix and you can see how that look and lifestyle could be a little inaccurate at this late a date. Check the Carbonerdious trailer to get a bit of insight on how things have changed. Keep an eye out for Carbonerdious, arriving sometime this summer.

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