Afro-Brazil 2014: Karol Conka’s Rap Anthem ‘Boa Noite’



As we gear up for next summer’s FIFA World Cup (Brazil 2014!) we’ll be taking moments to highlight some select Brazilian tracks that come across our desks. From capoeira music (yes that is a thing–a sonic accompaniment to the martial art) and maracatu to samba and the favela-bred baile funk, the influence of African cultures & sounds on the South American nation’s own arts is immeasurable. In our series Afro-Brazil 2014 we’ll be digging into a few of these ‘ritmos e batidas’ from Brazil.

Boasting a sound influenced by Lauryn Hill and the Música Popular Brasileira (MPB) genre popularized by the likes of Elis Regina, Curitiba’s Karol Conka is quickly becoming one of the leading female rappers in Brazil. “Boa Noite,” the Nave-produced single off her debut album Batuk Freak, showcases Conka’s commanding flow over an infectious girl group vocal sample. It’s not much surprise that the track has earned her several accolades, including an Brazilian MTV Awards nod. Find this track and more Brazilian gems on UK label Mr. Bongo‘s Brazilian Beats 7. The Road to Rio begins with but a single (samba) step! Stream “Boa Noite” below and scroll down to watch the music video for the track.

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