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Black Teen Chased Down, Killed By Oregon White Supremacist
Black Teen Chased Down, Killed By Oregon White Supremacist

Black Teen Chased Down, Killed By Oregon White Supremacist

Black Teen Chased Down, Killed By Oregon White Supremacist

A black teenager in a Portland, Oregon, suburb was killed by a white supremacist gang member in what police are describing as an intentional hit-and-run.

Nineteen year old Larnell Bruce had just moved to Gresham to live with family when he encountered Russell Courtier, a notoriously violent neo-Nazi, outside of a 7-Eleven on August 10.

The 38-year-old Courtier had spent prison where he belonged to the European Kindred — a white supremacist gang that was founded in Malheur County.
According to a report from the Portland Mercury a fight broke out between Bruce and Courtier, with the gang member smashing the teen's head into the glass storefront of the 7-Eleven. The clerk proceeded to call the cops while Bruce ran off, but Courtier and girlfriend Colleen Hunt got into their Jeep and chased the 19-year-old across sidewalks and oncoming traffic in the vehicle.
Ultimately, they mowed him down, leaving police officers to find Bruce "in the middle of the street with blood rushing from his head and ears."
In that same report the Mercury revealed that Courtier had a long and violent record of which law enforcement authorities were fully aware. His record includes seven felony and four misdemeanor convictions, over 40 prisons violations during time served, and a series of incidents in which Courtier was given probation or dropped charges — even after police found him shooting a gun out of his car window in 2011, or bashing his fiancé's head into a car windshield in 2012.
At the time he killed Bruce, Courtier was still on parole for attacking a woman with a knife.
The lack of coverage on this incident isn't surprising but absolutely disappointing. Shaun Kingwrote about the killing for the New York Daily News but still it's sad to see a young black man's life taken so soon, from someone who obviously has no regard for the law and is a repeated offender. Fortunately, Courtier and Hunt have been arrested and charged for murder, but we'll see what follows.