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Screen shot 2014 08 28 at 4 32 39 pm 2

Black Dave Becomes Black Punk For “I Told You” [Official Video ]

Mass Appeal Premiere: Black Punk (aka Black Dave) \u201cI Told You\u201d VideoAfter about two years of making music as Black Dave, New York rapper and skater continues to explore his artistic self with his shift to alias Black Punk. The result of this musical experimentation is the Mass Appeal premiere of Black Punk's new music video, “I Told You.” Black Dave first entered the scene as that skater always decked out in Supreme gear with the Worldstar video where he skates in a suit, rapping about being the black Donald Trump. However, over the last couple of years, Dave has come into his own. He shifted into a rapper with a diverse flow and topics while still remaining true to his skater aesthetic. After the release of his first two projects Black Bart and Stay Black, Black Dave continues to evolve as he seeks to grow into his truest form:

Growing up watching Skateboarding videos, I began to have a taste for things other than what was played on Television, and the Radio. All of these skate videos I watched had soundtracks that were packed with Punk Rock, Classic Rock, and Classic Hip-Hop. These videos were also the first time I was introduced to rock artists like Bowie, Hendrix, The Cure, Joy Division, Bad Brains, The Misfits, The Ramones, Minor Threat, and so much more. I would listen to the songs when I was out, and it would get me pumped up to skate like the pros in the videos I heard all this music in. When I began making music, I would always take inspiration from Punk Rock, and bring it to my songs. Track like Muthaf*ck My Enemies, Fuck Everybody, and Million Man March have a fast, aggressive, punk feel to them. “Black Punk” is a whole new persona that I’ll be releasing and performing under, a true recognition of all the influences that made me. Punk Music is something i’ve always loved, being born and raised in NYC has made it even more impactful on me, knowing that when i’m walking down Bowery in SoHo, all of my favorite musicians have walked that same street, and even perform at the now closed CBGB’s.

As an avid skater immersed in attendant culture, Black Punk has been exposed to a plethora of diverse art, fashion, and music, all of which have contributed to shaping the artist he is today. While this shift from straight hip-hop to a more punk influenced style may seem like a drastic change to some people, Black Punk assures that he is simply embracing all the parts of him that skateboard helped instill.