Bird "Maybe Someday"

Audio Premiere: Bird "Maybe Someday"

by shamz
June 20, 2013 1:00 PM

Bird La Notte

I swear the Canadians are taking over this music thing, feels like I get put on to another talented act from up North on the daily. The latest up would be Toronto based singer/songwriter/producer Bird. He first caught my attention with his Little Brother (it’s old, but still LB) and Notes To Self featured track “Still Shine,” off his upcoming LP, La Notte. Today, we’re premiering one of the instrumental tracks off the album, “Maybe Someday.” That beat is dope, but a personal favorite of mine from Bird, which also showcases his vocal talent, would be his song “Crazy.” Bird’s debut LP, La Notte, will be out July 9th.

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