OKP Premiere: ATELLER Gets Dreamy On New Single “WOLFCHILD” ft. Denitia Odigie

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Triple-coated in yearning synthesizers, ATELLER‘s newest single plays out like a deep, warm polychrome sigh. “I really wanna show you / I just wanna tell you now” guest vocalist Denitia Odigie sings–a seductive wish that becomes more and more a promise with each heartbeat that passes. The new track, dubbed “WOLFCHILD” is a lush piece of future-R&B, complete with stuttering clicks, taut bass drum and chords that seem to arrive and depart via every direction.

“WOLFCHILD” comes as a part of ATELLER’s newest EP 1001 NIGHTS, a release that aims to capture some of the wonder of old Arabian folk tales as it twists its harmonies and deep, roving bass into apparitions unexpected and grand. 1001 Nights “tells the story of a man in the strange nights of a big city,” the artist said, “observing loneliness, sexuality, beauty, ugliness, humor, complexion, and chaos; 1001 nights in a city where no one belongs but everybody exists.” The release is due out on June 1st via Cascade Records.

Musically, ATELLER himself belongs to two cities, having grown up around Tel Aviv jazz in his homeland of Israel before moving to New York City and plunging headfirst into his hip-hop scene. That duality has lead to a blend of diverse chord structures and surging beats–the calling card of his past work and a key element of what makes “WOLFCHILD” so irresistible. This is woozy bedroom R&B handled with the deft care of a soloist. Listen to the world premiere below.

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