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Watch This Funny Bonus Scene From the Wu-Tang Clan Doc "Of Mics & Men"

"Shit ain't free."

John "Mook" Gibbons, former Wu-Tang management president, reminisces in a newly released deleted scene from Of Mics & Men.

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Showtime's four-part Wu-Tang Clan docuseries is scheduled to premiere Friday (May 10).

In a clip from a series of bonus scenes titled Hidden Chambers, Gibbons tells a funny anecdote about the group attending their first convention. In the story, he says that after an industry executive helped provide the Wu members a place to stay. Raekwon mistakenly thought room service was free and ended up ordering a heap of food that racked up to $1000 which was billed to the exec's credit card.

Afterward, Gibbons recalls saying, "Shit ain't free."

A life lesson.

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Check out the scene above for the rest of the story.