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Willie D Argues With Scarface About Being Excluded From Hip-Hop 50 Grammy Tribute

On a recent episode of the Geto Boys Reloaded, Willie D confronted Scarface about being left out of the Grammys' Hip-Hop 50 segment.

Willie D got confrontational with fellow Geto Boys member Scarface in a recent episode of their podcast, Geto Boys Reloaded. Released on Monday (February 13), Willie D, whose legal name is William James Dennis, argued with Scarface about being excluded from the Hip-Hop 50 segment during the 65th Grammy Awards. During the all-star performance, Scarface rapped Geto Boys' 1991 classic, "Mind Playing Tricks On Me." Fellow Geto Boys member Bushwick Bill died in 2019, but Dennis was left out of the Grammys performance altogether.

“You feel like you was slighted,” Scarface began.

“Slighted? I feel beyond slighted,” Dennis responded. “Like what I’m tryna figure out is … First of all, I ask you Wednesday when we left here, I said, ‘What you got for the weekend?’ You said, ‘I’m finna go fuck with this Grammys thing.’ I said, ‘Alright man, safe travels.’ Because, you know, that’s how we do it. Saturday come, I’m online and an article comes across about the Grammys. And I see ‘Geto Boys and Scarface’ in the lineup.”

“I wanna see where it says ‘Geto Boys, Scarface,'” Scarface interjected. “I don’t never wanna get Geto Boys and Scarface intertwined ever. Because I don’t need Geto Boys to be Scarface, you feel me? So if it said ‘Geto Boys and Scarface’ or any of that shit two together, then they wrong for that because I can stand on my own two feet with no Geto Boys.”

“This is why it’s so baffling, because everybody knows that, right?” Dennis responded. “You carved out a place in history for yourself. You were so good at what you did as a solo artist – you get that. Can’t nobody deny that, so ain’t no hate, ain’t no jealousy whatsoever. Remember I’m the one who said, ‘Hey man, you oughta call yourself Scarface.’ So I ain’t gon’ never hate on you. Never. When I see you win, I see Geto Boys win because we are a group.”

He continued, "So when somebody start talking about Scarface standing on his own, I said to myself, ‘Well Scarface got enough hit songs where he don’t need to be doing a Geto Boys song. He could have just done a Scarface song.’ If you would have done a Scarface song, that would have been different. A Scarface song is a Scarface song. That’s on Scarface’s catalog, not Geto Boys’ catalog. And to do a song that’s from the Geto Boys’ catalog, ‘Mind Playing Tricks on Me,’ a song that I co-wrote and to not have me included…”

Ultimately, the two discussed how "Mind Playing Tricks On Me" came into fruition, also with the two coming to an agreement that both have performed the 1991 single separately.

Watch the full episode below.