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Herbie Hancock, Robert Glasper Pulls Out All The Funky Stops at Prospect Park Bandshell
A shot of Robert Glasper getting busy on the piano and keyboard in Brooklyn. | Photo by Vickey Ford (Sneakshot) for Okayplayer.
Photo Credit: Vickey Ford for Okayplayer

Watch Anderson .Paak And Robert Glasper Cover Slum Village In New York City

Herbie Hancock, Robert Glasper Pulls Out All The Funky Stops at Prospect Park Bandshell Photo Credit: Vickey Ford for Okayplayer

The Oxnard artist made a surprise appearance during the pianist's Blue Note Jazz Club residency.

Anderson .Paak and Robert Glasper took on a Slum Village classic during the latter's Blue Note Jazz Club residency Sunday night.

WATCH:Robert Glasper Goes in on Lauryn Hill, Says She Stole ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’ From Other Musicians

In a video, .Paak and Glasper can be seen covering the Detroit rap group's "The Look of Love," with the Oxnard drummer — who recently released his Kendrick Lamar collaboration "Tints" — updating the lyrics to speak on "Instagram thots." He also sings the hook to the group's other well-known song "Fall In Love" while covering "The Look of Love."

Recently, Glasper offered an update on his criticism against Lauryn Hill. During a panel appearance a part of the  Mondo.NYC conference he was asked if he regrets the comments he made about Hill, to which he responded:

"My thing was Lauryn was back in 2008 or 2007 — I've never spoken about her in public. But everything I say is 100% true and it's been going on for 20 years. And all of my friends are affected. A lot of people with kids are affected. So you have to separate yourself from being a fan and think what if it was your dad who wasn't getting paychecks, you know what I mean? So my thing is just on a basic human level, I would never work with anybody that tells me 'You can't look at me.'"

He continued:

"But, you know, I'm a musician that played for her and has a platform to say something that people will listen to. She's been told this by everybody in person — her team and that kind of stuff. But I don't regret it at all because at the end of the day I think it might shake something up and make her feel like she needs to do a little better."