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Megan Thee Stallion Q-Tip in car
"She's Just An Amazing MC": Q-Tip Praises Megan Thee Stallion In New Interview
Source: Instagram

"She's Just An Amazing MC": Q-Tip Praises Megan Thee Stallion In New Interview

The A Tribe Called quest rapper and producer is a fan of the up-and-coming Houston rapper.

Back in March, Megan Thee Stallion had shared a short clip of herself, her mother, and Q-Tip listening to Max B in New York. The video led many who weren't already previously aware of Stallion and Tip's relationship to wonder how the two came to meet and how the latter became the former's mentor.

Although the story of how the two came to meet has since been explained (Okayplayer interviewed Stallion earlier this year and asked her about it), in a recent interview with The FADER for its feature story on Stallion, Tip talked about why he's so impressed by the Houston rapper.

"She's just an amazing MC," Q-Tip said. "She's barred out. Some people may think her stuff is just over-sexualized, but it is her approach to it. It's her tact with it. It is very innovative to me — especially to see a young woman like herself being in a position of standing in her power, to stand in her royalty and never let that be shaken. It was just something in her that I really love."

In an interview with Stallion, Okayplayer had asked her about how she and Tip met.

"So, we got like a real mysterious e-mail, and the e-mail is one of those things where they say it's from someone famous who wants to get into communication with you. And I’m like, 'Momma that sound funny, I don't think we should reply,'" the rapper said. "I don't even know why my momma would reply but whatever made her reply I'm glad she did because it actually wound up being Q-Tip...It just all started from there, and we were on the phone for like an hour. He is just so supportive and he loves the way I rap and he really rocked with me. So every time I go to New York I have to hang with him. He's like a mentor. He's just amazing. Everything that I put out I probably let him listen to it before I put it out just so I can hear him gas me so I know I'm on the right path. He's a pioneer. So, the stamp of approval from him means a lot."

The Houston rapper recently released her debut album Fever. Read the rest of The FADER's Megan Thee Stallion feature story here.