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Cover art for Public Enemy Song State of the Union
Cover art for Public Enemy Song State of the Union
Photo Credit: Public Enemy

Public Enemy Links with DJ Premier for New Single "State of the Union (STFU)”

Public Enemy is back with a powerful new anti-Donald Trump song.

Just what the world needed right now.

Public Enemy has returned with an explosive new song and video called “State of the Union (STFU).”

The song, which was produced by DJ Premier, features the legendary group going after President Donald Trump. On the song's chorus, Chuck D and Flavor Flav rap:

"State of the Union

Shut the fuck up

Sorry ass motherfucker

Stay away from me"

The song's video is a mix of concert and protest footage.

In a press release, Chuck D said about the song:

“Our collective voices keep getting louder. The rest of the planet is on our side. But it’s not enough to talk about change. You have to show up and demand change. Folks gotta vote like their lives depend on it, cause it does.”

While Flavor Flav added, “Public Enemy tells it like it is. It’s time for him to GO.”

It's been quite the year for PE. Earlier in the year, Chuck D announced that he was kicking Flav out of the group after a rift over a Bernie Sanders endorsement. That ended up being a hoax. On April Fools Day, Chuck admitted that Flavor Flav was never kicked out of Public Enemy. In fact, Chuck said, “He can’t [be kicked out], he’s a partner. You can’t fire partners. You just walk away from ’em.”

Chuck said the whole situation was a ruse to get people’s attention for the album. He also released a new Public Enemy song called “Food as a Machine Gun,”which featured Flavor Flav.

Watch the video for “State of the Union (STFU)” below. You could also download the song for free at