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Mase Responds to Fivio Foreign's $5K Advance Claim

Mase stopped by Million Dollaz Worth of Game days after Fivio Foreign claimed he received a $5K advance from the Harlem rapper.

Mase is setting the record straight about Fivio Foreign's $5,000 advance. The Harlem World rapper stopped by podcast Million Dollaz Worth of Game one week after Fivio Foreign's episode aired, claiming that Fivio's advance was actually $750,000 after calling the B.I.B.L.E. rapper-producer "reckless."

“At one time, I gave him $5,000, but I gave him $750,000,” he said at the 5:45 mark of the interview. “Because I set him up to do a deal to where I can control the deal, make the deal what it should be because I knew if he had the leverage, he would go in there and sell both of us out.”

“Then, when we went in the building, I took $800,000 and he took $700,000,” Mase added. “The reason why it went down to $700,000 is because when I gave him $750,000 and I took $750,000, he owed me $50,000.” The once-Bad Boy Records artist says he put $50,000 towards Fivio’s career before he signed with Columbia Records.

Before the episode dropped, Mase took heat on social media by promoting his Million Dollaz Worth of Game by jokingly calling himself "Diddy 2.0," as his financial beef with the Bad Boy Records founder has lasted for decades.

In the episode, Mase said that during his time with Diddy, he "felt like I did more than I got credit for, more than what I got paid for." When podcast co-host Wallo asked the rapper to clarify, he added,

"I never got paid what I was worth and I never got the respect I was worth," he said. "So this disdain that I got for Puff is more like you trying to keep me here, nigga [using his hand to express being pushed down]."

"I'm not here, all my peers are up here," he continued, while raising his hand to show that his peers where at a top level. "All my peers are bosses."

During his Million Dollaz Worth of Game episode last week, Fivio Foreign claimed his signed with Mase for $5,000 after being urged by a friend.

“The nigga that brought me to him, he was like, ‘Yo, man. Just sign that shit You buggin’,’” Fivio said. “I thought that shit was going to last until whenever it was going to last. That shit ain’t last two weeks.”