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Jay Electronica Floats Over Nujabes Beats on a New Mash-Up Tape
Jay Electronica Floats Over Nujabes Beats on a New Mash-Up Tape
Source: Youtube

Jay Electronica Floats Over Nujabes Beats on a New Mash-Up Tape

DJaytiger extends a run of crucial blends.

Jay Electronica and Nujabes never got a chance to connect before the producer passed. But DJaytiger's Nu Electronica mash-up mixtape has resurfaced. And it's a great opportunity to imagine what could have been.

On the mash-up maestro's revived 2019 tape, classic and loose Jay Electronica verses find a fitting home on the airy, yet potent, suites of the late Japanese producer. "Exhibit A" gets paired with Nujabes' "Day By Day," "True Lightyears" meets "Grey Matter" (complete with an MF DOOM appearance,) "Fat Belly Bella" floats over "Prayer," and "We Made It" washes across "Unstoppable." And that's just the tip of this 19-track behemoth.

Nu Electronica extends DJaytiger's run of crucial blends, which have included era-blurring links between DJ Premier and Nipsey Hussle on The Premier Hussle, The Notorious B.I.G. and James Brown on The Notorious James Brown, and most recently, Wu-Tang Clan and J Dilla on Dilla Rules Everything Around Me (D.R.E.A.M.)

Stream DJaytiger's Nu Electronica mixtape below and scroll on for the project's full tracklist. Head over to Full Blast Radio's Youtube page to dive into the producer's back catalog and hold tight for his next dispatch.

Nu Electronica Tracklist:

01 - Intro (Rest In Beats)

02 - Departure vs City Lights

03 - Exhibit A vs Day By Day Remix

04 - Light Years ft MF DOOM vs Grey Matter

05 - We Made It ft #JayZ vs Unstoppable

06 - Jazzmatazz vs Kumomi ft Guru of

07 - Abracadabra vs Sky Is Tumbling

08 - Better in Tune with the Infinite

09 - My World (#Nas Salute) vs Luv(sic)

10 - FatBellyBella vs Prayer

11 - Because He Broke The Rules vs Dead Season

12 - Exhibit C vs Who's Theme

13 - I Keep On vs A Space In Air

14 - Letter To Fallon vs The Old Light (Voices From 93 Million Miles Away Remix)

15 - Just Begun ft #TalibKweli, J. Cole and Mos Def vs The Final View

16 - San Pellegrino With Lemon vs Rainy Way Back Home

17 - Dear Moleskine vs Peaceland

18 - I Keep On Remix ft Pete Rock, Pharoahe Monch and Apathy vs A Space In Air

19 - FYI vs Spiral