Kaytranada Remixes Gorillaz’s “Strobelite”
Kaytranada Remixes Gorillaz’s “Strobelite”
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Listen to Kaytranada's Funky "Dub" Remix of Gorillaz' "Strobelite"

Kaytranada Remixes Gorillaz\u2019s \u201cStrobelite\u201d Source: Artist

Well, this is a treat.

A couple of days ago, theGorillaz started teasing a Kaytranada remix of their latest single "Strobelite." As promised, the song dropped at midnight. And as expected it's awesome.

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The original "Strobelite," which is on theHumanz album and which features Peven Everett, has a funky, old school bop to it. Kaytranada turns the funky meter up even higher but adds a touch of soul to the track.

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It seems like the Gorillaz have been letting producers go on a remixing streak. Last week, Cadenza dropped a dancehall remix of another "Humanz stand out: "Saturnz Barz."

Listen to whatKaytranada does to "Strobelite" below.