Google Donates $1 Million to Chance The Rapper’s Nonprofit SocialWorks

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Google Gives Chance the Rapper a Bag for SchoolsGoogle Gives Chance the Rapper a Bag for SchoolsChance The Educator continues to do good work

Chance The Rapper hasn’t put out an album this year. But the rapper has probably had the most productive year of his life.

He’s done a massive amount of community work, raising millions of dollars for public schools in Chicago.

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Chance’s big year continues.

On Wednesday, Google announced that they were dedicating $1.5 million to assist science education students in Chicago. One million of that amount will be going to Chance the Rapper’s SocialWorks nonprofit, while the other $500, 000 will go to CS4All, a computer science initiative run by Chicago Public Schools.

The grant is there to help teachers implement computer science and arts curriculum in their classrooms. Speaking on the donation, Justin Cunningham, Executive Director of SocialWorks, says:

“Our grant with helps SocialWorks provide programming that sheds light on another pathway to success for young Chicagoans. While every student doesn’t need to become a computer scientist, understanding the basics empowers them to understand the world they live in. The opportunity to help kids code to share their music, artwork, and distinct point of view is at the core of our mission and an experience we look forward to providing in classrooms across the city.”

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Chance took to Twitter to make his own statement on the donation.

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