De La Soul Has Given George Clinton The Most Money For Sampling Him

De La Soul Has Given George Clinton The Most Money For Sampling Him

George Clinton, Terrace Martin + More Make This Year's Art of Cool Unmistakably Innovative

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“I haven’t made s**t from it,” the Parliament-Funkadelic frontman said in regards to being sampled in a recent interview.

George Clinton is arguably one of — if not the — most sampled artist ever aside from James Brown. And yet, the soon-to-be-retired funk pioneer hasn’t made much money from being sampled.

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“I haven’t made s**t from it,” Clinton revealed in a recent interview with The Guardian. “The most I made is $100,000 from De La Soul. That’s it! We’re talking about $1bn. I’ve been in court fighting for that shit. You need an army of lawyers.”

A short scrolling of Clinton’s Who Sampled page and one can see that a handful of artists have sampled numerous tracks from the funk artist.

Elsewhere in the interview, Clinton also talks about kicking his hard drugs habit five or six years ago, which reignited his passion for music.

“I’m proud of that,” Clinton said. “And the Mothership is in the Smithsonian [it was acquired by its National Museum of African American History and Culture], you have to be proud of that.”

He also revealed which film makes him cry, and the answer is somewhat surprising.

“I get f**ked up over Babe, the pig. I had Busta Rhymes and ODB [the rapper Ol’ Dirty Bastard] looking at me, like: ‘He crying, motherfucker!'”

Read the interview in its entirety here.

Source: The Guardian

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