Flo Milli Officially Drops Female Empowerment Anthem “PBC”

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Flo Milli
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Flo Milli shares her inspiration behind her new single “PBC,” which was previewed during New York Fashion Week.

If you’ve been wondering what Flo Milli has been up to as of late, she’s been in the studio. A few weeks back while she closed Tia Adeola’s latest fashion show at New York Fashion Week, she previewed a new bass-heavy single, “PBC.”

The “Beef FloMix” rapper known for her bubblegum bars told us directly following the show that the track is “about Black women finding their power, wearing their natural hair, everything that makes you pretty, Black and cute.”

She also said one part of the song even addresses the saying “you’re pretty for a Black girl.” On this, she said, “You know how some people [say] you’re pretty for a dark-skinned girl, [the song shows] no I’m pretty because I’m that girl.”

Now that the song is streaming, it’s evident that Flo wanted to address Black women’s beauty and flip it into a catchy track. “PBC” is all about being confident in the skin you were born with. The rapper is subverting negative comments Black women often receive as they maneuver through the world.

Flo Milli on closing the Tia Adeola FW22 presentation: 

“It feels so good. I love Tia, I love all her drops in this collection. It felt really empowering to be around real models and have this good energy.”

Tia Adeola Flo Milli New York Fashion Week

Photo Credit: Robyn Mowatt for Okayplayer

Since Adeola did not present a collection during last season’s New York Fashion Week, this show was pivotal for her. The presentation at Prince George’s Ballroom featured a cast of nearly all-Black models.

The core of her designs this season consisted of regal silk sets, see-through gowns and pieces adorned with feathers. Ruffles, an ongoing theme in Adeola’s designs were also prevalent. Additionally, pastels such as sky blue, cream, and light pink were heavily seen. Menswear looks were presented by Tia this season: silk vacation-ready shirts, and well-tailored pants that evoke leisure. 

Her last collection which was revealed nearly a year ago was inspired by the French Revolution. Tia said this time she pulled from her home country Nigeria’s #EndSARS movement. To put it plainly she expressed: “Fuck the police” when tasked with describing more influences. A few pieces in the collection alluded to her support of the protestors who began the movement, one silk dress read “You were supposed to protect us.” 

The SARS (Special Anti-Roberry Unit Squad) was initially created as a police unit to handle violent crimes like robbery and kidnapping. In recent years, the unit became notoriously known for committing acts they were created to fight against. In 2020, organizers protested violent treatment at the hands of SARS officers, the entire globe began paying attention. As early as 2017, protesters took to social media to air their thoughts and disapproval of SARS.

Adeola’s show notes address experiencing pushback after speaking out against SARS on her personal Instagram. 

“I took it upon myself to spread awareness. To my surprise, I received a phone call saying all my posts must be taken down for my safety, my family’s safety, and that supporting a petition to impeach the president was committing treason.”

The collection was her getting her thoughts and opinions out through her clothing, unhindered. 

Stream “PBC” up top. Take a look at moments from the show below. 


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This story was originally published on February 11, 2022, it was updated on February 25.

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