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DOMi (left), Anderson .Paak (center), and JD BECK (right) load their luggage into the back of an old car
DOMi (left), Anderson .Paak (center), and JD BECK (right) load their luggage into the back of an old car

Watch Anderson .Paak Connect with DOMi & JD Beck for New Song “Take a Chance”

“Take a Chance,” the latest single for DOMi & JD Beck's debut album NOT TiGHT, sees the duo singing a sweet chorus between Anderson .Paak verses.

Fresh and prodigious jazz duo DOMi & JD Beck have released, “Take a Chance”, another vibrant, zesty single and video leading up to their debut album, NOT TiGHT. Dropping July 29, the album will be the first from Anderson .Paak’s new label, APESHIT Inc.

“If you wanted to learn about DOMi & JD Beck... you had to visit their website, click a rat playing saxophone, and read a story about a 12-year-old physicist (Domi Louna) and a 6-year-old sheep investigator (JD Beck),” reads the APESHIT website if you follow a prominent button advertising “MEET THE KDIS.” The duo’s often-instrumental-focused sound is just as carefree and almost silly as you would expect from looking for audio files behind a spinning rat with a sax.

The duo’s propensity for intricate technical soundscapes applied to the ambient and radio-friendly ““Take a Chance,” shows .Paak’s hand in curating and directing at its best and most on the nose. The track differentiates itself from other singles by opening immediately with vocals. .Paak’s smooth, deliberate raps, float atop DOMi’s bright keys and Beck's rattling drums, dropping bars about “doing stupid shit just for the reaction” that make it feel like the kids’ mischievous youth has rubbed off on him.

As the kids step out of a bus, an eager .Paak greets them, checks their luggage, and they drive off into a setting sun. A late-night snack stop during the ride brings two surprises. Swiming into the beat, the track's chorus is a poppy harmony shared by the typically instrumental duo, and while distracted, their luggage is stolen out the back of the parked car.

Springing off into a chase while the chorus plays brings a sense of bonding to the three travelers. They find the thieves, Beck unexpectedly firing an oversized revolver into the air and almost dropping it, recover their luggage and drive off into the night, literally leaving one of the thieves with his pants down. As the excitement of the chase fades, and the night and the road trip grow longer, DOMi and Beck settle into a restless head-bouncing-off-the-car-window slumber while .Paak drives on, shaking off a yawn. It brings a fatherly feel to the sometimes spritely label-head and acclaimed musician.

Driving through the night, they arrive at their destination and reveal the luggage to contain three treasures to be used as a bribe for an initially unimpressed immigration official played by Kerwin Frost. The first, a suitcase of gold and jewelry. The next, a duffle bag containing bands of cash. The last, a pristine pressing of DOMi & JD Beck's upcoming album, NOT TiGHT, out July 29.