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Photo Credit: Harmony Gerber/FilmMagic

Consequence Says He's 'Disgusted' With Pusha T Cutting Ties With Kanye West

In an interview with The Art of Dialogue, longtime G.O.O.D. Music act Consequence accused Pusha T of being disloyal to Kanye West.

Consequence is going after Pusha T for distancing himself from Kanye West and G.O.O.D. Music. The It's Almost Dry rapper stepped down as president of G.O.O.D. Music in December, citing Ye's antisemitic and pro-Hitler comments as reasons for departing the label.

In a recent interview with The Art of Dialogue, Consequence, a longtime Ye collaborator and G.O.O.D. Music artist, slammed Pusha T's decision.

“When I see something like that, I’m conflicted, I’m disgusted,” he said. “G.O.O.D. Music is something I helped build with my bare hands…so that’s why I’m disgusted when somebody who wasn’t there from the start and [whose] situation was compromised comes along, and then when Ye is in a situation that he talked himself into — he gotta be responsible for that, 100 percent — but we not gonna stick together?”

He added, “Whether I agree with Kanye or not, it’s not the principle of that. Pusha T done told you all this street s***, and now we doing this industry s***? Nah.”

The Queens, New York native went on to accuse Pusha T of having issues with Ye due to being disallowed from performing at his third Donda listening party in Chicago in 2021.

“Does Pusha T have a right to distance himself from situations that he don’t want to be in? Yeah, he a man,” he continued. “Do those two have grievances behind the scenes that are not being spoke about? Yes they do. So part of this shit is kinda cap. The whole G.O.O.D. Music president s***, that’s cap. It ain’t been that s*** for years.”

He added, “Just say you mad about the Donda party in Chicago when he ain’t let you on stage. Say that. You basically deading G.O.O.D. Music like, ‘Yo, I’m going for the Grammy and f*** the block.’ What you want me to do? Say, ‘Alright, yeah! Keep going!’ Ain’t nothing p**** about me, n**** — at all, ya dig?”

Going on to call King Push "Pharrell's man," Cons questioned whether the Virginia emcee would thank West if he won Best Rap Album during the 65th Annual Grammy Awards next week.

“They may communicate and resolve that situation, but as it stands, I don’t f*** with that," he said. "I expect more out of Pusha T, honestly…If Pusha T wins the Grammy, Ye did half the album! So you not gonna thank him? Or you gon’ thank him and act like you ain’t say you resigned? It’s a lot of games and I’m not really with that s***.”

Cons went on to blame Pusha T for ending his friendship with Drake due to dissing the Canada native on 2021 track "Party Time."

“When I got pulled into the Drake situation, it was due to the fact that it was supposed to be family. I’m not putting my neck on no f******* chopping block ever again for n***** that’s gonna f****** run.”

Watch the full video below.