Busdriver Nearly Takes Title of ‘Largest Vocabulary in Hip-Hop’ in Updated Study

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Busdriver Nearly Takes Title of 'Largest Vocabulary in Hip-Hop' in Updated Studyan exhaustive study on the largest vocabularies in hip-hop. Analyzing the first 35,000 words of an artist’s discography — some notables, such as Biggie Smalls and Chance The Rapper, had not released enough music to qualify for the study — Daniels confirmed and destroyed a grip of myths. RZA, GZA, Jedi Mind Tricks, and MF DOOM, were revealed to be the genre’s most skilled scribes, with Aesop Rock emerging as the only rapper to boast over 7,000 unique words in a catalog.

Yesterday, Daniels published an update to the five-year-old study with 75 new artists, including Brockhampton, Migos, Death Grips, and Travis Scott, amongst others. According to his analysis, the “Soundcloud Generation” doesn’t exactly stun the study — Lil Uzi Vert and NF enter on the wrong end of the list as the two rappers with the fewest unique words employed — while veteran Los Angelino, Busdriver, makes his debut on the list with a whopping 7,324 unique words, just under the reigning champ.

You can poke around the newly-updated Largest Vocabulary in Hip-Hop study via pudding.cool. Just be sure you’re ready for some sobering realizations. Peep an infographic with all of the rankings down below.

Busdriverr Nearly Takes Title of 'Largest Vocabulary in Hip-Hop' in Updated Study

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