Bathe’s “Kimmi” Captures The Conflict Of Being Ghosted [Premiere]

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Bathe's "Kimmi" Captures The Conflict Of Being Ghosted [Premiere]
Photo Credit: Artist
Bathe's "Kimmi" Captures The Conflict Of Being Ghosted [Premiere]

Photo Credit: Artist

The Brooklyn-based duo returns with the follow-up to their debut song “Sure Shot.”

Ghosting. A term that first came about in the early 2010s, ghosting is the act of ceasing all communication and contact with someone. Although it can apply to relationships with people that are platonic it’s often used in context with romantic or intimate relationships.

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Bathe‘s latest release, “Kimmi,” which Okayplayer is premiering, captures the conflict of being ghosted. The group’s self-described surf R&B sound compliments the subject matter. Corey Smith-West‘s guitar and Ben Chapoteau-Katz’s synths provide a beautiful melancholy that Devin “Dev” Hobdy further adds to with his vocals. The singer takes on a character whose coming to terms with the fact that a woman he spent the night with has stopped talking to him and that he’ll likely never see or hear from her again.

But by the end of the track there’s a cathartic acceptance, Dev singing “I don’t regret the night / I spent with you” over downtempo production that one can both cry and dance to.

“The name ‘Kimmi’ is a fake name a friend used to use when she didn’t want to give her real name and number out to guys at bars,” Corey explained. “Over the course of the song the main character slowly realizes that the relationship he’s been daydreaming about is going to remain a dream and that he’ll probably never hear from ‘Kimmi’ again. By the end though, he learns to look back on the missed connection with fondness and empathy.”

Bathe recently released the music video for their debut single “Sure Shot.” The duo has performed with Starchild & The New Romantic, Quite Luke, and Cafuné. The duo will be releasing an EP titled I’ll Miss You in May.

Bathe can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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