Bathe Tackles Toxic Masculinity On Debut Single “Sure Shot” [Premiere]

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Bathe Tackles Toxic Masculinity On Debut Single "Sure Shot" [Premiere]
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Bathe Tackles Toxic Masculinity On Debut Single "Sure Shot" [Premiere]

Source: Bathe

Bathe is an accurate name for the Brooklyn-based duo made up of Devin “Dev” Hobdy and Corey Smith-West.

Dev’s airy vocals and Corey’s reverberated guitar feels like the initial contact of waves washing ashore and surrounding someone’s feet, slowly beckoning listeners to take a deep dive into the waters.

This is captured beautifully on the group’s debut “Sure Shot,” which Okayplayer is premiering.

“Guess you thought I was a sure shot,” Dev sings, his lone introduction giving way to the song’s soothing and melancholic production. Dev’s vocal stylings are reminiscent of Nostalgia Ultra-era Frank Ocean, his voice a light and comforting falsetto croon that contrasts the song’s subject matter.

In an email, this is how the pair described the track:

“This song is about the destructive cycle of paranoia and toxic masculinity that black men endure and are often forced to embody as a byproduct of existing under a constant threat of violence…it was inspired by the lives of our respective father figures.”

The end of the song provides a subtle but captivating shift as live drums and synths are incorporated, “Sure Shot” fading into silence.

“Sure Shot” was written by Dev and produced by Corey. Guitars and bass were also handled by Corey. Synths were done by Ben Chapoteau-Katz and drums were done by Brandon “Buz” Donald.

Bathe can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The group will be performing with Cafuné October 29 at Mercury Lounge. Tickets for the show can be purchased here.

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