Amy Winehouse Hologram To Go On Tour In 2019

Amy Winehouse Hologram To Go On Tour In 2019

A Documentary Centered Around Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black Album is in the works

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Amy Winehouse is getting the hologram treatment.

Amy Winehouse is now the latest artist to get a hologram tour. Mitch Winehouse, her father, revealed the news to Reuters. The show will include a live band that’ll play along to vocals from Winehouse’s original recordings. The proceeds from each concert will benefit the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

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“Fans have been clamoring for something new from Amy, but really there isn’t anything new,” Mitch said. “We felt this would be a tremendous way for Amy both to revisit her fans through a hologram, and also an incredible way to raise money for our foundation.”

“We will do the best we can in terms of honoring her legacy,” BASE Hologram Chief Executive Brian Becker said. “This is a celebration.”

To create Winehouse’s hologram, BASE will hire an actress to mimic the late singer’s stage movements and will complete the image with prosthetics and computer-generated imagery. The show is expected to debut in 2019, with producers hoping to take the tour around the world for three years. The performance will likely last between 75 minutes and 110 minutes.

Eight months ago a Winehouse demo was unearthed. Titled “My Own Way,” the previously unreleased track was recorded when Winehouse was just 17 years old.

“I’ve had it knocking about for so long. I found it again last week and thought – I’ll put it out there so people could hear it,” Gil Cang, a producer and composer for Winehouse early in her career, previously said.

“It was at a particularly dire time in the pop world – lots of terrible, terrible girl bands and boy bands and we had to make something for them. Amy came in to see us, opened her mouth and just blew us all away,” Cang added.

Source: Reuters

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