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Lijadu sisters lessons part 6 okayafrica tv
Lijadu sisters lessons part 6 okayafrica tv

Lijadu Lessons: The Lijadu Sisters Talk Drugs & Celebrity w/ Okayafrica TV

Lijadu sisters lessons part 6 okayafrica tv

The Lijadu Sisters are back! --and still serving up sweet advice in episodes 5 & 6 of the Okayafrica TV series Lijadu Lessons. This time the Nigerian afrobeat Queens are talking drugs (or lack thereof) in the afrobeat scene--

"Because what we used to call drugs in those days were like somebody see you take an aspirin in the morning, take one in the afternoon, and take one at night. They'll ask you, 'are you on drugs?' This is what we thought were drugs then. But weed, they used to smoke weed in those days. That's what we called drugs we heard about when we were growing up."

They also dish straightforward advice about celebrity and proper celebrity behavior to avoid looking like a silly rag-a-muffin--unless that is your prerogative.

Check the footage below to get the full story on drugs and celebrty in 1970s Nigeria. Catch the full series of Lijadu gems over at Okayafrica. Keep checking back for more from the legendary Nigerian pop stars at Okayafrica TV.

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